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Job Title: Events Coordinator

The Fairview and District Chamber of Commerce is looking for an Event Coordinator. Candidates applying for this position will also be responsible for the administration of the Career Resource Centre and the Visitor Information Centre.

Duties will include:

-handling events from start to finish working closely with the Executive Director

-attend all FDCC Meetings including preparation and circulation of the meeting minutes

-complete daily updates to the Job Board

-assist clients with Resume and Cover Letter building

-greet and respond to visitor needs

-maintain visitor statistics

-update and maintain Visitor Information Centre

We are looking for an enthusiastic team player with the following skills:

– Proficient with computers; word, excel, email, search engines

– Effectively communicate in English verbally and in writing as well as numerically

– Be able to problem solve

– Pleasant disposition with ability to deal with change

– Work well with internal and external teams

– Ability to work with deadlines

– Be organized

– Work independently

– Work well under pressure

The ideal candidate will have experience in hosting and coordinating events, with a certificate in business or event planning.

Detailed Discription:


Job Discription: Events Coordinator


  • Identify potential opportunities at the local level and create campaigns to capitalize on those opportunities
  • Develop a network of event subcontractors that make planning each community event a simple process
  • Manage all aspects of the event planning process, including collaboration with subcontractors, venue identification, menu development, printing and design of materials and budget tracking
  • Collaborate with several departments within the company as well as local community groups
  • Attend community functions to network and identify potential opportunities
  • Create summary reports of each event outlining how data gathered from current community events can be used to develop successful future events
  • Event planning, design and production while managing all project delivery elements within time limits
  • Liaise with clients to identify their needs and to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Conduct market research, gather information and negotiate contracts prior to closing any deals
  • Provide feedback and periodic reports to stakeholders
  • Propose ideas to improve provided services and event quality
  • Organize facilities and manage all event’s details such as decor, catering, entertainment, transportation, location, invitee list, special guests, equipment, promotional material etc
  • Ensure compliance with insurance, legal, health and safety obligations
  • Specify staff requirements and coordinate their activities
  • Cooperate with marketing and PR to promote and publicize event
  • Proactively handle any arising issues and troubleshoot any emerging problems on the event day
  • Conduct pre- and post – event evaluations and report on outcomes
  • Research market, identify event opportunities and generate interest
  • Must be a self-starter who requires little to no supervision to meet corporate goals
  • Excellent time management and communication skills required.
  • Make a clear budget and place in appropriate events binder before start of each event. Discuss with supervisor before starting an event. (The annual goal of each event year is $20000.00 profit)
  • Place copies of all outgoing and incoming communication in appropriate Event binder.
  • Maintain Event Binders so others can easily organize an event at any given time.
  • Write out receipts to payments involving events
  • Make a list of events that are happening that week in this area (found in Fairview Post), for reference, in case you receive any calls pertaining to “What’s happening in the Fairview area”, so you can answer their questions.
  • Maintain effective relationships with other Chamber of Commerce/Board of Trade, Alberta and Canadian Chamber of Commerce to ensure sharing of information (as permitted by the Board of Directors.
  • The events Coordinator working conditions involves at times standing for long lengths of time, lifting max. 25kg. Using ladders up to 10 feet. Work flexible hours and long days during events.



  • Responsible to attend both Board of Director Meetings, General Membership Meetings and Annual General Meeting.
  • Responsible to record events/motions of the meetings
  • Prepare minutes of the meeting and circulate to the executive director.

Board of Director Meetings – Third Thursday of each month. 12 – 1 pm, Town Council Chambers

General Membership Meetings – First Wednesday of each month. 12 – 1 pm, Dunvegan Inn & Suites

AGM – February

Career Resource Program Plan

The Career Resource Centre provides services Monday to Friday9:00 AM – 4:00 PM.   The Career Resource Centre Employee will have the understanding that they will be closing each day, and that no other staff has this responsibility. This staff member will not take days off on Fridays, or leave early during the week. On days where the Executive Director is away from the office, it is up to this employee to fill the spot until he/she is able to be back, so as the Career Resource Centre can stay open each day. This Centre will display career resource materials in addition to the core labour market information materials available in government run centers.  The services provided in the Centre will be both self-directed services including access to phone, fax, copier, computer and internet access.

*Anything Job related is completely free for the client to use. Faxing out, photo copies, scanning documents, computer usage; typing; job search; applying for work; applying for EI, calling employers, completing safety courses online*

*Nothing is saved for future use. Clients can email themselves a copy of their resume/cover letter or put it on a thumb drive* The crc computer needs to be cleaned weekly. (Ccleaner, spyware and such)

*For confidentiality reasons, we can not destroy resumes or other personal documents. We do not have the proper facilities for this. They have to take their copies with them. If they don’t want to, make sure they are aware we can not shred or destroy their documents properly*

*Keep in mind the clients that come into the centre may have trouble seeing the posting on the job board, have zero computer skills & may have never had to write a resume. You will need to assist them more than others*

Job board is for local listings – Fairview & Hines Creek

–  Update daily

–  Find job postings on various websites; job bank, kijiji, Workopolis, facebook, newspaper, Employers, Company website. These are some suggestions. There are many more websites to find information on. There is a bookmark in google with over 60 websites to go through. (and counting)

–  Copy and past job posting to word.  Try and keep all job postings close to 1 page. Increase/decrease font size as needed. Full pages make the board “feel” fuller and looks like there are many postings. Do not use a font size small than 10!  Way too hard for people to see.

–  Place largest font or picture on top of board.

–  All job postings should be easy to read/view/see. Keep in mind when adjusting font sizes.

–  Keep in mind, your clients may not have very good reading skills, bad/poor eye site, comprehension and help accordingly.

–  If a picture of the job listing is available, use that, verses a worded one. Pictures are easily seen by all and will draw in curious lookers. The Fairview Post usually have a picture version compared to the Job Bank.

–  Use company logos when you can. It’s a quick reference for job seekers to scan when looking for something particular and for yourself when clients ask.

–  If the job postings have no expiry date, write the date you found the posting.

–  Remove expired job postings daily. If no expiry date, remove when the posting is no longer found online.

–  As long as the posting is listed online, the job posting stays up.

–  Make sure every posting has a “where/how to apply” located some where on the listing.  If The posting was from indeed or kijiji or another website that doesn’t list where to; add “apply online at website’s address”. Ex)

Surrounding Area Clip Boards

–  Some of the points listed above, for the local job board, applies to the clip boards as well.

–  Update daily

–  Find job postings on various websites as above.

–  As some areas are larger than others, post the most current job listing from one job board like the Job Bank.

–  If you are finding a lot of listings for Oilfield, Construction or other job titles; create a new clipboard for just that category.  Ex) Oilfield: list all companies that are looking; Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Fort St. John, Calgary on the front page and then print all job postings. If 1 company has more than 10 postings of various jobs, it may be easier to take a screen shot of all the listings and write something “to view full listings or to apply online please visit ______” on the bottom of the page. Don’t forget to put place your posting date so you know when it was last updated.

–  Arrange job postings in chronological order.  The ones expiring right away should be at the top and work backwards. If they only have your posting date (the date you found it) place those ones after the chronological pile. Have those postings arranged by the date you found them first and work backwards.

–  Remove expired job postings daily. If no expiry date, remove when the posting is no longer found online or after 1 month.

–  Make sure every posting has a “where/how to apply” located some where on the listing.  If The posting was from indeed or kijiji or another website that doesn’t list where to; add “apply online at website’s address”. Ex)

–  Keep postings to 1 page max. Decrease font size to 10 but not any lower as it gets hard to read. If all of the posting will not fit on the page, write something at the bottom of the page like: “to view full listing & apply online visit _____”

Resume, Cover Letters & Job Interviews

–  All information in the handouts came from

–  Resumes & Cover Letters cannot be saved on the CRC computer. Clients must either email themselves a copy, place it on the thumb drive or you place it on your thumb drive and email it to the client. You will find it quite common that they don’t remember their email passwords to log in.

–  There is no place to properly destroy personal information, so they will have to take ALL their copies with them. If they want to use the Centre’s bins you must inform them they will not be destroyed properly.


–  If asked, you will critique the resume. Look for spelling and grammar errors. Is it easy to read? Font size and font clear to see? Do all the tabs and columns line up as the rest?

–  Resume fonts should be no less than size 10. Easily read fonts are to be used. Script fonts are not acceptable

–  Resumes should be no more than two pages

–  References do NOT go on the resume but on a separate sheet of paper to be handed out at the interview

–  Resumes should be clean and easy to read. Not a lot of clutter

–  Have the client fill out the worksheet at the back of the resume handout. This is a great starting point to get them started.

–  There are other types of resumes for them to write if they so choose. There are examples for that on the wall next to the resume pamphlet

–  They get to do all the work typing it up

–  If they get stuck on what to write, you can look on alis for job information:

–  Go to (the CRC computer has it bookmarked)

–  On the home page look for “Information on Occupations” (its located in the blue section, 2nd one down) and click on it

–  On the right you will see (in blue writing) “Occupational Profiles”. Click on that.

–  This will open up a new page. Click on the orange “tab” labelled “Occupation” or the suitcase icon

–  From here you can search any job.  When you click on the job title that closely matches the job your looking for, you’ll want to click “View Full Profile” on the right in yellow to do just that. Here it will tell you a lot about the job. Duties, working conditions, personal characteristics, educational requirements etc.…

–  You can also just google “job description”. Ie) job description for waitress.

–  Remember not to “copy & paste” directly into the resume but to use this as a starting point to get the juices flowing

Cover Letters:

–  Again, ALIS can help you out with this one

–  You want to tailor the cover letter to the job that you are applying for

–  Take the information from the job posting and use “what they are looking for” to highlight in your cover letter. Ie) looking for a waitress: use your best highlights here.  Show them what you want them to see first

–  Don’t use words you can’t pronounce or know the meaning too.

Job Interviews

–  You may be asked to help with job interview questions

–  The pamphlet on the wall will have this information and general, common questions that can be asked

–  This info also came from ALIS

Print Outs & Books

–  Has amazing information for high school students, post secondary, exploring careers, education, job seekers, workplace references

–  All the publications in the office can be found here.

–  Go to Workplace Resources

–  Publications

–  Select what you are looking for from the drop down menu (format)

–  All publications are free to order. There are currently two boxes under the desk with the fax machine with publications. Look in these before ordering more.

–  All publications are free to anyone who wants one. They are full of useful information. Take a read and get familiar with them. It’ll be easier to answer questions and for giving out the right book.

–  All CRC information should be found in the desktop folder Career Centre

–  This includes: all the handouts on the wall, fax cover sheet, and other useful information.

–  All the handouts on the wall; the information was gathered from ALIS.

–  The Yellow COSSD book on the fax table is an oilfield directory book.  Clients use this when applying for work. The Dunvegan Inn & Suites has these books in their lobby for free. (you can get them else where around town as well.)



–  Northwest Peace Community Adult Learning Council is located on the Fairview campus. Clients looking to upgrade, get their GED or adult courses can contact them for more information.

–  GPRC – get the current academic calendar from the admission’s office. This will help with students/clients figure out school information.  Clients can contact GPRC for more information.

–  Alberta Works – They will be emailing or faxing you information for their clients. The email or fax will state what needs to be done. Clients may need copies of their documents to go with their applications. Depending on the case worker, you may need to scan the documents back to them. If not the clients can fax the application back on their own. If the clients have any questions regarding their applications, they are to talk to their case worker.

–  EI – applying for EI.  There is a bookmark link on the CRC computer. Click that link will send you to the apply page. Clients will need their ROE and a cancelled check or direct deposit form to complete their application. If they have previously applied for EI they will not need re due the direct deposit information unless they want it in another account.

Most common websites that are used: – EI – both the online job postings & the virtual paper

Businesses and Town Websites (usually most current info there)

Facebook – buy and sells

There are currently 60+ bookmarks on the Events laptop in chrome. These should be gone through daily.

Visitor Information Centre

Work Activities:

The Visitor Information Centre Attendant is responsible for the day–to–day operation of the centre. Typical work activities will include some or all of the following:

  • Promote the Fairview & District area
  • Greet visitors and respond to visitors needs and provide information and orientation related to facilities and services
  • Using available resources, including the internet, to provide travel information and other services about the community and region to visitors over the phone, walk–in visitors, and email, including daily/weekly local weather reports from the internet; keeping up–to–date with any changes in visitor activities and events.
  • Provide assistance to the general public by carrying out research work required in responding to specific inquiries about the area.
  • Research and gather information on historical sites, scenic areas, tourist attractions, and local history.
  • Update, organize and maintain displays and informational material.
  • Maintain visitor statistics; prepare activity report for Board and General Meetings.
  • Have flexible hours and days and work weekends
  • Maintain dress code.
  • Maintain good verbal/written language
  • Provide feedback and make suggestions to improve visitor services.

Skill and Knowledge:

  • The work requires the ability to effectively communicate information to visitors and staff and to read and understand rules, regulations and guidelines. It also requires reading, writing and numeracy skills to handle money, make change and record statistics and sales.
  • There may be occasional requirement to resolve visitor problems/complaints, determine how to best meet the needs of visitor groups and individuals and to recognize emergency situations and contact local emergency services or law enforcement authorities.
  • Knowledge of the natural and cultural history of the surrounding area, its services, programs, emergency plans: visitor services operations, sites and facilities in the surrounding area are required.
  • Knowledge/experience in providing visitor service reception; use of internet to search for information, handling money, recording information, compiling statistical data is required. This is normally acquired through on–the–job training and personal study.
  • The ability to use own initiative.


  • Mental effort is required to respond to visitor requests/complaints, record statistical data, writing reports, order inventory and use of computer.
  • Mental effort is required to acquire family/children’s activities to be conducted on site.
  • Physical effort is required to stand for long periods when greeting visitors and providing information/orientation.
  • Greater effort required during cleaning/maintenance of Visitor Information Centre facility and site.


  • Provide pleasant, accurate visitor services information.
  • Maintain/organize adequate inventory
  • Contribute to facilities maintenance performance of cleaning tasks in faculties and on site and reporting of repair/maintenance requirements.
  • Responsible for custody/care of equipment used
  • Attend Travel Alberta Spring Showcase & Training each year

Safety of others:

  • There is little possibility of injury or distress of others.

May be required to contact emergency facility.

911 – Emergency

780-835-6100 – Hospital

Working Conditions:

  • The work is carried out indoors and outdoors with exposure to variable weather conditions when performing facilities and site cleaning/maintenance; to obnoxious odours from car fumes; to dust, cleaning products and wet conditions when periodically performing cleaning tasks.
  • There is occasional risk of minor injury when periodically lifting heavy boxes
  • There is occasional risk of minor injury when periodically performing routine cleaning and maintenance tasks or when walking through rough terrain on site.




How to apply:

Email your resume & cover letter to:

Mail: P.0. Box 1034 Fairview, AB T0H 1L0

In Person: at the Chamber of Commerce office at 10316 109 St. Suite #111 (Lancaster Place)

Closing date: September 12, 2018

Chelsea Carter
Executive Director
Fairview & District Chamber of Commerce