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Address: West of Fairview
Services: Gravel Trucks | 40 ton picker | Backhoe | Trackhoe services | Winch Tractor | Equipment Hauling | Nodwell Water Bombi | Water Trucks | CVIPs | Water installation | Mechanical contractor | Sewer installation | Picker trucks | Backhoe services | Grader Services | Mobile Mechanical Services
About Us:

When it comes to performing backhoe services in Fairview for industrial property, you can rely on Bieg-A-Hoe Backhoe to get the job done. From gravel trucks, backhoes to 40-ton picker and water trucks, we have the equipment to handle all oilfield services. Whether you want to clear land for a construction project or want to haul heavy equipment from your site, we can do it without any hassle.

Besides oilfield and backhoe services, we also provide water installation, sewer installation, grader services, and mobile mechanical services. Do you need reliable mechanical contractors? We have a qualified and experienced team that can provide effective solutions for your project.

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Phone Number: 780-835-3627
J.C. Excavating Ltd.
Address: 1256 Otterlake Cr. Rd
Armstrong B.C
About Us:

Dump truck, backhoe, logging and fluid-tank hauling services. Serving our beautiful North Okanagan/Shuswap area for 22 years. With a division in Alberta.

Phone Number: 250-558-8932
M. Kramer Construction Ltd.
Address: Fairview, AB
Services: Residential/Commercial Construction & Carpentry
About Us:

M. Kramer Construction Ltd. started as a sole proprietorship in 2000 under the name M. Kramer Enterprises and incorporated in May 2004. We are based in Fairview, Alberta and work in our local Region (Fairview, MD of Fairview, MD of Clear Hills County).  We have also built homes and structures within a 250 km radius.  These areas include:  Grande Prairie, Grimshaw, and Hilliards Bay.

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Phone Number: 780-835-1035
Northgate Electric (GP) Ldt.
Address: 10913 – 104 Ave
Fairview, AB
About Us:

Family owned and operated since 1966, at Northgate Electric (GP) Ltd we specialize in commercial, industrial and residential electrical contracting.

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Phone Number: 780-835-2793
NW Construction
Address: Fairview, AB
Services: NW Construction specializes in residential and light commercial construction
About Us:

We see it everyday, construction companies that focus only on the bottom line.  They speed in, speed out, and scrape by on minimum code.  If anything’s wrong it’s gonna take them a year to come back to fix it or worse you don’t even want them to come back.  This was just a job and your satisfaction was a hope but not a priority.
​If you’ve been through this, you need to call US

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Phone Number: (780) 835-1246
R. Harker Construction Ltd.
Address: 102 – 8805 Resources Rd.
Grande Prairie, AB
About Us:

Harker Homes is very proud to be a family run business, building homes in the Peace Country since 1993. As your builder we will realize that building a new home is not just a matter of choosing a floor plan, paint colour or making lighting decisions. It’s about transforming a blueprint into a place you are proud to call home.

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Phone Number: SALES NUMBER 587-777-7276 OFFICE NUMBER 780-538-0087
Reynolds’ Plumbing & Heating (80 Ltd.)
Address: 11208 – 101 Avenue
Fairview, AB
Services: We are here to serve your heating and plumbing needs in residential, commercial, and industrial environments.
About Us:

For over 50 years, Reynolds’ Plumbing & Heating 80 Ltd. has been providing professional residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing and heating services in and around Fairview. Whether it’s any new plumbing installations or heating unit repairs and replacements, our experienced technicians are here to help. Our company is based in Fairview, but we can travel all over the Peace Country to provide top-notch plumbing and heating services. That’s why we have many repeat customers. Call us to schedule an appointment.

Emergency Services Available

Website Address:
Phone Number: 780-835-2383
Fax: 780-835-2010
Thompson Hill Energy Rentals
Address: Box 1671
Fairview, AB
Services: Thompson Hill Energy Services is a full service trucking company serving the oil & gas, forestry, and construction industries.
About Us:

Our goal is to provide our customers with a safe, cost effective and efficient trucking service.

Phone Number: 780-926-1393
Tri-S Concrete Ltd
Address: 10112 – 103 St
Fairview, AB
About Us:

Our company began in 1971, supplying the industrial sector with quality concrete products. In 1984, we grew to include sand and gravel products as well. In 1996, these two divisions were combined to form the company known today as Tri-S Concrete (1996) Ltd. So, our business has been around in some shape or form for almost 50 years.
Since 1996, Tri-S Concrete (1996) Ltd has since diversified. We now offer pre-cast barriers, contaminated soil trucking, and a large variety of equipment such as mixer trucks, tandems, end dumps, and tridems. Of course, we have the longest history working with concrete.
Our slogan is “Serving the Peace Since 1971.” That’s because we’ve been proudly supporting Alberta’s oil and gas and agricultural industries in the Peace Country.
Tri-S Concrete (1996) Ltd is certified by COR™ and approved by ComplyWorks. This means we adhere to high health and safety standards.

Website Address:
Phone Number: 780-835-2050