Mighty Peace Tourism Association

Mighty Peace Tourism Association
Business Name: Mighty Peace Tourism Association
Services: Our Vision:
To promote people, places and experiences across Alberta’s Peace Region to all visitors.

Our Mission:
To inspire visitor exploration across Alberta’s Peace Region by being a destination of choice.
About Us:

Since 1963, the Mighty Peace Tourist Association has been responsible for marketing and promoting tourism in the Mighty
Peace Region. “Build it and they will come,” is not a saying that works in tourism. In order to increase our regional tourism,
visitors need to be exposed to a variety of our hidden gems and activities in the region. Through regional marketing we can
excite, tempt and entice people to see what we all have to offer!

Website Address: mightypeace.com
Phone Number: (780) 332-2363 or TF: 1-800-215-4535
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